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Dan Cotten
Wright County S.O
Brian Thureson
Minneapolis P.D.
Bob Peper
Douglas County S.O.
Paul Biederman
Nicollet County S.O.

Board Of Directors

Chad Stenson
Chisago County S.O.
Reginald Larson
Blaine P.D.
Brian Cameron
St. Cloud P.D.
Miguel Robles 
New Hope P.D


Award Nominations - Case Submission

To submit a case for Award Nomination click on a link below:
Narcotics/EOD Award Nomination
Patrol Award Nomination
K9 retirements
Spirit Award

Awards Committee

Daniel Cotten
Wright CO SO
Awards Chair
Miguel Robles
New Hope PD
Mike Fildes
Clay County SO
Adam Carlson
Winona County SO
Brandon Bartholomew
Minneapolis PD
Lyle Sinclair
Bismark ND P.D.

Awards Committee Votes

1st Quarter
January 1- March 31
Deadline: April 5th
2nd Quarter
April 1-June 30
Deadline: July 5th
3rd Quarter
July 1-September 30
Deadline: October 5th
4th Quarter
October 1-December 31
Deadline: January 5th

The following is a list of what the Awards Committee votes on:
*Honorable Mention (1 for Patrol and 1 for Detector)
*Case of the Quarter (1 for Patrol and 1 for Detector)

For the detector award, K9 team must have a recent certificate of certification according the USPCA detector rules, which is yearly. For the patrol award, you must have one PD I certification from the USPCA. To be eligible for Case of the Quarter and Honorable Mention you must have a Region certification obtained through an approved trial.  However, awards are allowed for patrol for K9 teams that are just tracking dogs and don't work the street in a patrol function. ie... a bloodhound or K9 that just does tracking.

If a case is submitted outside of the deadline date for certain quarter, it will only be eligible for a citation if it qualifies pass nothing.